In my recent observations of various organisations , I noticed the
struggle of certain leaders, when counseling  their  team  members.

Counseling is an important element of leadership and it is:
• To help staff solve problems;
• To encourage or reassure;
• To help an explorer reach his or her potential.

Counseling can be effective when a member of staff / team is:
• Undecided, i.e. S/he can not make a decision.
• Confused, i.e. S/he does not have enough information or has too much information.
• Locked in, i.e. S/he does not know of alternatives.

How a leader can counsel?
1. Try to understand the situation. Listen carefully. Summarize. Check the facts. Paraphrase to make sure you understand.
2. Help list as many options as possible.
3. Help list the disadvantages of the options.
4. Help list the advantages of the options.
5. Finally, let the person decide on a solution. The counselor’s role is to give encouragement and information, not advice!

As a leader or leader to be, you would be required to apply counseling; therefore, you are highly recommended to have further studies on this subject.

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