Winning an Argument

Posted in Communication, Management, Strategies on August 6, 2015 by MD OBSERVER

Before everything, sorry for my long absence. I’m sure you understand that managing several international projects, reviewing new phases of I.M.M., and on top of those having a few books in the pipeline are time consuming. But I promise, I will continue writing ‘MD Observer’ more regularly.
Well, not very far from the topic of my new book, ‘Hidden’, which you can read more about it at the end of this post, I have decided to allocate this post to ‘How strategically win an argument’.

In this post, I will briefly introduce you the Weapon, Technique, Tactic and Strategies for winning an Argument.

Remember, those who can make you angry, are in control. By staying focus and having self-control you can add up to your chances to gain more during a heated argument.
Do your best not to lose your temper. Losing your temper will eventually turn your conversation into screaming, a total waste of time with no proper and constructive communication.
Some people might intentionally say things to get under your skin. This is to disarm you, and make you vulnerable. Remember, you don’t have to respond to every sentence you hear.

The truth can really hurt. Base your argument on ‘Facts’, NOT on ‘Emotions’. The worst action that one might take during an argument is making it a conversation based on feelings.
Although time to time showing controlled emotion is important, but certainly it is not the ideal technique to succeed in an argument.
Think like an Attorney presenting a case in a court. Would you agree with an Attorney at law, who does not have any facts to present?

Remember, the core purpose of an argument is to ‘Prove’ a point tactfully. If instead of proving your point, you go side-ways, you might end up in a weak position. Know your audience, do your homework, be prepared, review every angle of your argument back and forth and know it by heart. The best tactic is to stay focus on ‘proving the point’, but gently and with utmost respect.

Have you considered why often people yell during arguments? Well, they want you to listen to them. So, to gain a more favorable outcome, be an active listener and give your undivided attention to their argument. In this manner, most likely you will be in control.
Also, paint a picture for them: describe your facts clearly so that they can visualize your argument and connect with it. Those who can visualize factual information, most likely will give you less pain. You will save a lot of energy if your argument is well-painted.

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Hidden Book Cover - Mosi Dorbayani

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